COVID-19 GUIDELINES - Last Updated on February 28, 20201

We ask that participants wear masks at all times, until they are walking or running.

Volunteers are required to wear masks at all times. 

All events will take place in an open outdoor space. Packet pick up will be located in a semi-closed structure, where masks and social distancing will be required.

Restrooms will be made available for the start and the finish line. Masks will be required for entry.

Q. I have already registered for the in-person race and decided to participate in the virtual event instead. How do I switch my registration?

The registrant can go into their profile and change the category and respective questions associated with the new event. Depending on changes, the registrant may incur new charges (i.e. shipping). There will be no refunds allowed when switching categories.

Q. Do you need to know if we are doing the event virtually or in-person?
We do not need to know in advance, and you can decide which way you want to participate as the event draws near.

Q. If we decide to do the event virtually and want to run the official race courses, can I do that?
As the race course is on city roads, you can run this course at any time. Unfortunately, aid stations will no be set up other than race day. You are responsible for your own safety.

Q. If I register multiple people for the virtual race, is each packet shipped separatly?
Due to shipping weights of packets, we send packets to each individual person. To keep accurate fulfillment a priority and the process streamlined, we try to minimize how many times we must physically touch a packet. Therefore, each packet will be shipped individually.

Q. How do I record my time if I do the event virtually?
You can record your time "on your honor" by uploading the finish times using the results tab on the Enmotive page starting Saturday, July 3. You will also be receiving an email with the virtual instructions on how to how submit your times and upload photos.

Q. If I run in person, do I need to record my time?

No, EnMotive will record your in-person time for you.

Q. Where should I park for the in-person event and where is the official start?
You can park in any of the designated fields around Heritage Park. Please respect the Bavarian Inn Hotel and their guests by not utilizing any of their parking areas.