The Brückeläufe Course

The Brückeläufe race will take place on the first Saturday in October. The half-marathon run starts at 8:30 AM and crosses 13 bridges in its 13.1 miles. Most notable are the famous Holz Brücke, a 239-foot wooden covered bridge near the Bavarian Inn Restaurant; the 1904 Gugel Bridge; and the 1907 iron trestle Black Bridge. The 5K run starts at 9:00 AM, and both races will begin and end in Heritage Park in downtown Frankenmuth. There are numerous free parking options in downtown Frankenmuth within close proximity to Heritage Park. A large grass parking lot on Weiss Street offers the closest free parking, however departure form that lot can be delayed because Weiss Street is part of the race route and will be closed intermittently.